Codes of Conduct

What you can expect from a PIF Kennel or Cattery

  1. A professional, polite and warm welcome when you enter the boarding establishment and meet the staff;
  2. A clean, tidy and well-maintained environment with the opportunity to be shown around the kennel or cattery;
  3. A discussion with kennel/cattery staff, when you arrive, about the behaviour, general health and diet preferences of your pet;
  4. Communication from your kennel/cattery by keeping you informed immediately if issues arise or problems are found during your pet’s time with them;
  5. A clear written contract between you and the PIF kennel/cattery giving you the opportunity to outline any issues that may affect your pets’ care and an understanding of what the PIF kennel/cattery establishment require from you;
  6. A transparent pricing policy including costs, payment terms and additional costs that you may be liable for should different situations arise such as cancellation and late pick up;
  7. Reassurance that your kennel/cattery is fully insured, providing protection for you and your pet whilst in their care;
  8. Reassurance that your dog or cat will not share accommodation with any other dogs or cats from other owners;
  9. Reassurance that your dog will not share exercise space with other dogs without your written permission;
  10. Reassurance that your PIF kennel/cattery has a duty of care to your pet throughout its stay and that the staff know and adhere to the five needs as outlined in the Animal Welfare Act 2006;
  11. Reassurance that your PIF kennel/cattery will isolate sick animals and seek veterinary advice when necessary, protecting your pet against picking up an illness from another animal or caring for your pet should they fall ill;
  12. That all bedding, food and drink receptacles used by the PIF kennel/cattery for your pet will be fit for purpose and regularly cleaned.

Your kennel or cattery is a member of the UK Kennel and Cattery Association (UKKCA), a division of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF), the largest UK trade association for pet businesses. The establishment abides by the PIF membership charter and the UKKCA’s code of conduct.

The Pet Industry Federation offers a dispute resolution service should you find that your kennel/cattery is not abiding by this code.