Codes of Conduct

What you can expect from a PIF Pet Retailer:

  1. A professional, polite and warm welcome when you enter the retail premises;
  2. A clean, tidy and professional retail environment;
  3. You can expect expert knowledge on any pet products sold by the retailer;
  4. If animals are sold you can expect expert help and knowledge about the welfare and care of the animals;
  5. If animals are sold, you can expect the retailer and staff to exercise the appropriate due diligence before ownership of any animal is transferred to a new owner
  6. If livestock is sold, you can expect all animal enclosures to be clean;
  7. Where livestock is sold, each PRA member will hold a current pet shop Licence from the local authority and prominently display this licence which only permits him to sell or advertise the animals listed on this licence;
  8. Where livestock is sold, all animals on display will be in good health and only animals in known good health will be sold;
  9. Where livestock is sold, all mammals will be sold weaned; non-mammals are capable of feeding themselves;
  10. Reassurance that the retailer has a duty of care to their livestock, where sold, and that the staff know and adhere to the five needs as outlined in the Animal Welfare Act 2006;
  11. Reassurance that your PRA Retailer will not sell livestock to any person under the age of 16 years, and, when selling livestock, will ensure that appropriate care knowledge is discussed with prospective owners and written care information given to the new owner Your retailer is a member of the Pet Retailers’ Association (PRA), a division of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF), the largest UK trade association for pet businesses.

Your PRA member abides by the PIF membership charter and the PRA’s code of conduct.

The Pet Industry Federation offers a dispute resolution service should you find that your retailer is not abiding by this code