Codes of Conduct

What you can expect from a PIF Pet Sitter

  1. A professional, friendly and courteous attitude towards you and the pets they are looking after;
  2. Your pet sitter, in your absence, will look after your property and contents, keep the house clean and tidy and care for your animals and plants;
  3. Your pet sitter will keep all information about you, your property and contents, your travel plans strictly confidential;
  4. An agreement with your pet sitter as to how long you will mutually agree that the sitter may be absent from the property;
  5. A discussion with you about your pet(s) and their general health and wellbeing and their expected behaviour and routines prior to use of the sitter’s services;
  6. Assurance that the sitter will have knowledge of the needs of every species of pet they are expected to care for;
  7. When house keys are entrusted to your pet sitter, your sitter should (if requested) be able to satisfy you that he or she has been DBS (formerly CRB) checked and can show you the appropriate certification;
  8. Your pet sitter will not invite any other person(s) into the house unless you have given them permission or clarification as to likely visitors:
  9. Communication from your pet sitter by keeping you informed immediately if issues arise or problems are found during the pet sitter’s time at your property;
  10. Reassurance that your pet sitter is fully insured, providing protection for you, your home and your pets whilst in their care:
  11. Your pet sitter will either be able to provide you evidence of being first aid trained, or show they have access to a trained pet first aider or veterinary surgeon in the event of an accident or emergency

Your pet sitter is a member of the Pet Services Association (PSA), a division of the Pet Industry Federation (PIF), the largest UK trade association for pet businesses. Your sitter abides by the PIF membership charter and the PSA’s code of conduct.

The Pet Industry Federation offers a dispute resolution service should you find that your pet sitter is not abiding by this code.